How to Become a Face2Face Agent

Face2Face Photo Engraving Agent Program is for anyone who loves to work in the community with a product that will bring smiles & tears from the heart. Our Face2 Face Agents come from all walks of life-sales people, shop owners, jewelers, teachers, engineers, accountants.

Many of our Face2Face Agents combine the busy demand of parenting with their stand activities: others have part-time jobs. Flexibility is central to our program: what brings everyone together is a shared belief in our photo engraved jewelry and accessories and, of course, lots of enthusiasm!

Display Stand

The Face2Face Photo Engraving Package (price to be announced)

  • The Package consists of 4 modular knock-down stands, complete with engraved product display (optional).
  • Display Panels personalized with your own photo engraving
  • 500 catalogues in the currency of your choice.
  • Personal internet address & access onto our domain.
  • 5 Order Books.
  • And all the know-how on how to sell Face2Face Photo Engraved Jewelry!

What You Will Need

  • A computer with scanner & internet access.
  • The know-how on how to scan & send photos via the internet.
  • A postal address (PO Box not accepted)

How Does it Work?
Our Face2Face Agents usually rent casual leasing spaces in Shopping Centers and market places. Face2Face photo engraved jewelry can also be sold through an existing business e.g. jewelers, newsagent, stands on the market or even party plans that proved to be a very easy and efficient way of creating your own clientele. Whichever way they decide to set up; the Face2Face Agents gather the orders and then simply forward them to us.
By connecting onto our special Agent Website,, using their private Username and Password.
On this section of the website, Face2Face Agent will have access to our whole range of photo engraved jewelry and accessories already reduced from their agent commission. (Commission goes from 20 to 40% depending on which items).

Face2Face Agents will simply place their orders and attach the corresponding photos on this section. Payment is also done “on line” via credit card, bank transfer or Pay Pal.

Orders will be treated and shipped back to the Face2Face Agents within 24 hours.
Face2Face Photo Engraving will pay for shipping costs.

Other areas our Face2Face Agents have found to be successful selling points are: maternity wards, local schools around photo time, wedding registries, and corporate businesses for engraved promotional items.

Our Face2Face Agents have also found that after a while customers that have placed orders before start to send them direct orders via their email & through the post.

The First Step
Simply register to become a Face2Face Agent with our registration form below:

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